"Happy, Healthy, Holistic"

My ethos is to give you the time, the space and the tools to nurture yourself to better health and happiness.

‘Holistic Health’ is characterised by the belief that all parts of the mind, the body, the spirit and our emotions are intimately connected in our pursuit of optimum health and well-being.  If we have imbalances in one aspect of our lives (physical, emotional, or spiritual), it can negatively impact our overall health.

Unfortunately under the constraints of western medicine, the feeling that the whole picture of our health isn’t being taken into consideration, is all too familiar. The focus is on treating and suppressing symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem and identifying the underlying condition.

Therefore by taking control of our own health and by taking the time to look inwards, we can improve not only our demonstrating symptoms, but our overall health and happiness.


But sometimes we need a helping hand….

Holistic Health Derbyshire offers:

~Yoga Classes for all levels

Mizan Womb Massage Therapy

~Yoga Retreats UK and Overseas

~Workshops for women's health & wellbeing

 ~COMING SOON ‘Naturopathic Nutrition’ consultations

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